On the second day of the Plein Air Painting Workshop, the group headed to Portage Point. They took their easels and walked a short distance to the shore of Little Bay de Noc.

Instructor Ann Corlet said the participants were of different skill levels. Her goal was to help them advance to some degree.

"As a painter, what I can do is teach them what I understand and what works for me. If they can do it when they are with me and then assimilate some of that into their own work then I've succeeded," Corlet said.

The weather was certainly cooperative during the two-day event. Corlet says being in the outdoors is why she enjoys plein air painting.

A Two-Day Plein Air Painting Workshop with instructor Anne Corlett started July 15 in Ludington Park. The local artists were in the lower part of Arnson Island painting views of the shoreline and bridge.

They learned to explore successful plein air painting by fine-tuning their focus, working dark to light and starting with big shapes.

Anne Corlett began each session with a short discussion on attaining personal focus and a demonstration. She also offered personal instruction throughout the afternoon as well as an hour group critique at the end of the day.

Artist Statement: “A blank canvas presents a challenge and a promise. I think about value first, then color and mark-making. In this way I experience my subject – and life in general – without words. The static and chatter in my brain ceases, creating true freedom.”

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