'The Golden Age of Album Covers' exhibit coming to Bonifas

July 18, 2018  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

A new “Golden Age of Album Covers” Exhibit is coming to the Bonifas Arts Center. The exhibit, which will be on display from Thursday, Aug. 30 through Wednesday, Oct. 24, is an amazing collection of 80 iconic album covers.

These album covers represent how original artwork was used for the first time to not only illustrate and advertise the music in these albums, but how it added value by enhancing the meaning of the music.

“The Golden Age of Album Covers,” which is curated by retired humanities professor and former Bay College instructor, Doug Sjoquist, presents a format for exploring the changing times and culture reflected in the music.

Sjoquist will conduct a gallery walk during an opening reception in the Bonifas Alice Powers Gallery on Thursday, Aug. 30 from 7 – 9 p.m. While opening reception festivities will begin at the Bonifas Gallery, viewers are welcome to move across the street after the opening reception to Hereford & Hops Restaurant where attendees can enjoy H & H’s music trivia night. The gallery walk will provide visitors an opportunity to meet Sjoquist and learn more about how record companies used art history to market and sell contemporary bands and music.

“This collection will take viewers back in time to when record companies used art history to market and sell contemporary bands and music,” says Bonifas Gallery and Regional Projects Director Pasqua Warstler. "Since he was a freshman at NMU when he saw for the first time, the album, ‘In the Court of the Crimson King,’ Doug Sjoquist has been collecting the colorful, creative album covers that incorporated work of famous artists and addressed the conceptual content of the music being offered.”


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