Toddler Art class helps young ones develop literacy, motor skills

September 19, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center
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Listen to the interview with Lorne Watson and his 2-year-old son, Asa[/ult_cornerbox]

Most of us learned our ABC’s by singing a song. Lorne Watson says art is a great way for young kids to learn and develop. He is leading a Toddler Art program at the Bonifas Arts Center on Thursdays that will allow kids to play with paints, clay and other mediums and sing songs to learn about words and literacy.

“…my mother would say,” Watson sings, “did you ever see a moose?”

“Kissing a goose?” chimes in his two-year son Asa.

The Toddler Art class is an exploratory art program that can help define motor skills through art and work on literacy through music and songs. It’s for kids just starting to walk through three years old.

Watson said toddlers learn really fast. The art projects develop critical thinking, problem solving and encourage movement. At the Bonnifas, they will play with clay, paint, make things and draw.

Watson says the kids will be able to do things they don’t necessarily do at home.

“It gets you out of your routine, your regular routine. It gives you something to do with other kids and other families. But, it just let’s the child develop their brain in other ways that they might not being doing at home and not in a space where they can get messy,” Watson said.

Asa says he likes to read, especially about bears. He also bangs the drum as the two sing.

“It really helps to develop the language through songs,” Watson said. “I can see his development in language just from all the songs we do.”

The Toddler Art classes will be held each Thursday at the Bonifas starting at 10 a.m. You can register online at or at the Bonifas Arts Center, 700 1st Avenue South in Escanaba.


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