Tourism group to hold photo contest with Bonifas to promote area

August 21, 2017  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

The Bays de Noc Convention and Visitors Buearu is looking for a variety of photos to use in ongoing marketing campaigns online and in print throughout the year and for years to come. They are working with the Bonifas Arts Center on a photography contest that will help us generate new content for our social media channels and print publications.

Some of the key things they are looking for right away are pictures of landmarks that are distinctively Escanaba with new perspectives on traditional landmarks," said Robert Micheau, director of the
Bays de Noc Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The CVB will credit artists and pay advertising dollars to boost their pictures to an audience outside of the immediate area, reaching thousands of people across the Midwest.

They will also be looking for seasonal pictures to use at different times of the year. There will be many opportunities for us to shed a light on our arts and for you to benefit from the engagement your artwork will get online.

The CVB would like to extend past winner of Bonifas-sponsored art competitions and others the opportunity to submit work and have it considered in their current social media campaigns. This will raise awareness of your work and highlight our rich arts and culture community.

"We know local art communities are drivers for visitors to any region and through social media, magazines, and travel websites we would like to highlight our local artists," Micheau said.

If you are interested, please email and they will tell you more about this exciting opportunity that will pay out top prizes. This is a time-sensitive request.

Micheau says he is very excited that the CVB has supported the Bonifas Art Center on some great projects including ArtPrize this year and last.

"We would like to continue our support of the arts and culture community in the U.P. We believe that a strong partnership will be mutually beneficial, shedding a light on the rich arts and culture available to tourists," he said.


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