U.P. artwork installed at DeVos Place for ArtPrize

September 12, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Mary Penet and Larry Godfrey's update to participating artists on the ArtPrize adventure.

All went well - every piece arrived safe, sound and eager to be installed in their very own space. We can all rest easier now. We want to send out a huge “Thank You” to Mike and Chris Willard who brought Mike’s carving, asked if they could help, and then spent the whole day helping us with the setup.

The DeVos carpenter, Scott, was so helpful, funny and, after eight years of hanging Art Prize shows, a treasure trove of art setup wisdom. Without them, we’d probably still be at DeVos. Let’s put our hands together for our art angels Scott, Mike and Chris!

Due to a major mis-measure, the carpenter and I had to scramble and redo a goodly part of the layout. It's not possible to put 25' of paintings on an 18' wall...hmmmm.

2D pieces were rearranged to give them more room which has enabled them to sing their songs without being crowded together.

The 3D pieces were originally all in a row, which looked way too crowded, so we moved the larger 3D pieces to the beginning of the layout against a gray wall and they now all look great. The smaller 3D pieces now have more room and stand out against the white wall. Guess messy things can sometimes turn out for the best cuz this one, though frantic at times, moved everyone's piece into a place that enables them to shine.

More artists were put up their work yesterday so I'm certain that the whole skyway of art looks even better today.

We look forward to meeting you all and seeing your work at the Bonifas Fine Arts Center show after ArtPrize!

Mary Penet and Larry Godfrey


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