U.P. Pavilion talked about in program with ArtPrize preview

August 30, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

This is the discussion between Todd Herring with Critical Discourse and Eddie Padlock, assistant General Manager for DeVos Place, about the U.P. Pavilion that will be at the DeVos Place during ArtPrize in Grand Rapids Sept. 21-Oct. 9. It begins at about 2:30 into the video.

TODD: This year you have something different. You have a pavilion that is new for DeVos Place. Tell us about that.

EDDIE: Yeah, we decided to do a pavilion with artists from the Upper Peninsula, the U.P. So, it’s the U.P. Pavilion.

TODD: Nice.

EDDIE: It’s to showcase those artists from that part of the state and bring some attention to the art culture that’s up there that not many people venture up to the U.P.

TODD: Right. You’re really excited about it. You had over 75 artists that applied to be a part of the show.

EDDIE: Yes, we had 75 artists who applied to be in the pavilion and we selected 26 to be in the pavilion.

TODD: Great.

EDDIE: A great assortment — 2D, 3D, sculptures, wood, metal, the whole gamut. It’s a good representation of the diversity of art that’s happening up in the U.P.


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