Venue Tower appreciates its Upper Peninsula display at ArtPrize

August 17, 2018  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

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Listen to the interview with Jacklyn Arnest

When the 46 artists from the Upper Peninsula display their artwork at ArtPrize in September, most will be at the Venue Tower Apartments, a building in downtown Grand Rapids.

Jacklyn Arnest, director of marketing with DTN Management, said having the art collection helps to better understand the U.P.

"ArtPrize recommended this for our space so we opened Venue Tower last year and the two and half story entrance to the building is the perfect canvas to showcase multiple pieces, large scale pieces. We found it to be just the right mix," Arnest said.

Arnest called the submissions from the U.P. phenomenal. She was at the opening of the Crossing the Straits exhibit at Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island.

"It features everything from tapestries to woodcuts. You have acrylic, you have ceramics, you have an artificial intelligence piece and holographic piece. It really brings every type of art to showcase and bring a novice like myself into the enjoyment of the collection and understanding the U.P. better," said Arnest.

The pieces will be moved to Venue Towers in Grand Rapids for the opening of ArtPrize on Sept. 19.


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