Workshop teaches pyrography or wood burning techniques

December 10, 2015  |  by Bonifas Arts Center
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Participants in the Pyrography Workshop learned wood burning techniques to apply designs to wood. Instructor Laura Lobner said she wanted them to learn how to use the tools and use some advanced techniques.

"It's a chance to learn how to use the tool and get a feel for using it to shade different types of wood," she said. "Some people are doing things on spoons which has a different feel then doing a picture with lighter shading or lettering."

Classes were held Dec. 1 and 8 at the Bonifas.

Lobner said they started with line drawing that were traced with carbon paper onto the wood. As they became more comfortable with the wood burning tools, they used different nibs or wood burning tool tips to add shading to the drawing.

"The patterns have different levels of difficulty depending on what they wanted to do. So they'll take them home from here and they can make it as detailed as they want to get with it," said Lobner.

Designs included intricate animals, elaborate scenery and various messages.

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