Youth art posters on display at Ludington Park pavilion

July 25, 2017  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Six art posters were unveiled last night at the pavillion in Ludington Park. They are from the Bonifas Art Center's Youth in Art exhibit that is held in March.

Julie Tanguay from the Stephenson High School couldn't believe her artwork was chosen to hang in the park.

"It's shocking," she said. "I was really nervous to come here and seeing it. I didn't know it's going to be moved to different cities that was cool."

Her piece titled "Danger in the Dark" is a drawing of a tiger.

"I actually kind of free-handed that. The first thing I do is draw the eyes and then I just go from there," Tanguay said.

McKenzie Walters from the North Central Schools was also there last night. When she started drawing her cupcakes in a class project she had no idea what she was drawing. Now, it is hanging as public art.

Also hanging at the pavilion is artwork from Vanessa LaPalm with "Koi Fish", Emma Lorenz-Juhl from Escanaba Upper Elementary with "Modigliani Self-Portrait", Alyssa Ault from Bark River-Harris School with "Night Sky", Danielle Maher from DSISD Learning Center with "Printed Heart", and Jared Huskey with "Picasso Monster."

A big thank you goes out to the Michigan Education Association Coordinating Council #17  for their donation to this project.


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