Youth in Art exhibit offers an incredible display of color, talent

March 15, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center


By Christine Groleau, Retired Art Teacher, Artist.

I always look forward to the Bonifas Youth in Art Show and this spring was no exception. I am a retired art teacher and know first hand the work and effort the teachers and the students put into completing lessons and creating their work to enter this show.

Today, as I entered the art center, the colors and the vast display of so many art pieces in every possible art media was absolutely amazing to see. It truly was a feast for the eyes of every imaginable color, shape and form.

The work of early elementary students showed a strong use of color and basic shapes in simple compositions ranging from trees to snowmen to organic and geometric shapes in brightly colored paint, crayon and cut paper. Walking into the main gallery the upper elementary grades clearly expanded on their grasp of basic art knowledge and skill to add personal expressions of landscapes, animals, flowers and people. Their colorful and sometimes playful exploration of color and shapes and form were created in a variety of art medium.

Moving up to the upper gallery where the middle and high school work are displayed the progression of skill and techniques and the understanding of the elements and principles of design were integrated with exceptional skill by the students to communicate their personal views and expression of ideas through their art work.

The scope and sequence of the student work clearly indicates well directed study of the principles and elements of art and design. Whether taught in a public or private school art class or a one to one tutoring class by an artist teacher the students growth and progression as artists from early elementary to high school is evident in the student projects on display.

I remember well the students and parents appreciation and thrill of seeing their child’s art on display in the professional setting of the Wm Bonifas Fine Art Center Gallery. This year there is more participation than ever before: 23 schools, 27 teachers, 799 plus students and 1,047 pieces of art are exhibited.

Eighty nine awards were given out. There is considerable community support for the arts in our schools and the children’s work as evident with the number of award sponsors. They include: Bonifas Art Center, Intermediate School District, Escanaba Noon Kiwanis, GFWC and a new sponsor Michigan Education

The Bonifas staff has once again done an excellent job of organizing and hanging all the art work in a beautiful, colorful display of student work.

Be sure to set aside time to visit this terrific show. You too will leave feeling good about what our Delta County students are able to accomplish!

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